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Welcome to Civil Unrest!  

If you are considering joining our guild, please click "Apply Now" to the right. --->

If you want to talk to someone, you can find us in game on the Unrest server of EverQuest II. We also have forums here on the website, and a chat room you can check out.

We are currently looking for more members to fill our ranks, so that we may group, get good gears, and fat lewts!  In other words, we'd love to have you.  At least one of us would love to raid end game, so won't you be my neighbor?

Thanks for visiting!  Have an awesome day, and don't step on too many toes!

Guild News

Guild Level 30

Dovdok, Feb 13, 12 6:26 AM.
Alright folks, guild level is now 31, and we've got our guild hall.  Keep working on getting that status so we can have more items in the hall!  I think Lorm and I will be running dungeons to get better geared so if you'd like to join or have a dungeon in mind, go for it.

I'd also like to welcome Psylum and his(?) alts to the guild!  Now just need to get the onto the website. =p
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